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Anal was once considered disgusting and sinful by many people back then. But now, anal sex is one of the hottest and wildest acts in the scene.

Ahh, yes. Anal– the most possible sinful sex act of all time. How can I say so? Well, the earliest recorded history of anal sex dates back to biblical times.

If you remember the twin towns that God took down, Sodom (the basis of the word “sodomy”) and Gomorrah, that’s where the “unnatural” sex act started cause it is where the male angels came by to fuck some dudes here on land. Damn, the Creator must’ve built these people so beautiful. Anal intercourse was also publicly represented on artifacts in ancient Peru, Rome, and Greece.

In today’s world, anal is everything but delightful, while for others, it is nothing short of amazing. This category is loaded with many sites entirely dedicated to anal acts, whether you’re a cynic or an enthusiast in the power of this sex act. What are the chances? You could even get some pointers on how to enhance your backdoor skills.

Are you even aware of anal orgasm? Don’t dismiss it until you’ve given it a go. In fact, several websites now have sections designed to teach people how to enjoy anal!

Why do people like anal?

People seldom begin getting fucked in the ass when it’s their first time. Unless you’re a promiscuous girl who lies that she still has her hymen but is so desperate for sex that you’re willing to give up your ass first.

That’s a riddle why someone would do it, but with sex, if there is a void, we want to experience what it feels like. As it turns out, ass sex is a lot of fun, so why not do it that way? The firmness makes things better than pussy penetration in certain aspects, but it is simply an opinion; it is not a truth; it is a question of personal choice.

What anal feels like to watch

With all of these sites enlisted, you’ll find some of the best anal cam sites where you’ll see these bitches bending over (since dog style is the best position to penetrate that big ass).

You are also likely to find short blogs here, which are the most intriguing since they have writing on their tube sites. I mean, you do understand that sex is a massive world, and not everybody knows about everything; so, there must be some info that we would still want to discover.

The rest are most likely for other anal acts with some twisted plots like BSDM, and other filthy kinks. You know like the niche-oriented type, such as teen anal sex, newbies, double penetration fans, and so on, are all sites that have a special edge for them.

How nice is anal sex?

There are so many misconceptions about ass porn that it could get extremely damaging to those who watch it and get the idea to try it.

Sure, in porn, it seems like everything is neat and tidy. But far from it, the way anal sex should be approached is with confidence. Actresses and actors are professionals, they know what they are doing, and yes. The actresses do wash the insides of their asses before getting fucked from behind.

Cleansing must be done and thrusting should be gentle, especially at first. We have carefully selected them from a swarm of sites, and here you are getting the best of them all. We highly recommend that you check it out and see why it is considered forbidden, why so many enjoy anal sex and why some don’t.